Saturday, January 9, 2010


"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." - Confucius.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A 1984ish nightmare...

Being involved in the technology industry I see the forefront of all the innovations on the technological cusp. Some of it scares me, like for example, targeted advertising using the information about you on the internet. Imagine a person has a bad gambling addiction, he or she frequents gambling sites and pursues its different avenues. This is tracked and known by advertisers who then bombard that person with advertising about gambling related activities when they are online. Let's say that the person wants to stop gambling, realizing it has become an addiction and is actively mustering up the courage to fight its addictive power.

Is is therefore morally wrong for the advertisers to be feeding this person with the addiction that they know exists and is very powerful? For an advertiser of any stripe it is a dream come true: being able to target specific people customizable ads catered to that person's wants. When the ads are in the back of a magazine or in a place you could frequent is one thing, but when it can follow you and hit you when you least expect it is another level entirely. These are moral issues that technology is forcing us to glance at for a very long time.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Being a man sometimes hurts.

There is this feeling I get of shame sometimes just by being born male. I get it when I feel certain vibes mostly from women. It's that look I get and that attitude I get when I'm around women for the first time usually. That look that says "oh great, here comes another horny single guy. I hope he doesn't try to hit on me." It's the assumption that because I'm a guy, I think with my dick and that I'm a womanizer, and therefore an annoyance.

I hate this vibe I get from some women, and even from certain types of men too. It puts me in the position of having to prove to everyone that I'm not that type of guy and that I am different.

Being a single guy can be tough, there is so much open discrimination out there. Single women are treated like royalty. They are pampered beyond belief and put on a pedestal. They are always in demand. They get ladies night out and discount drinks and all sorts of benefits just by being born female. Single guys on the other hand, are treated as an annoyance, a pest, like dirty over populated rats. Every guy knows what I'm talking about. We have to pay more to get into clubs and organizations and we often need a woman just to get in in the first place.

Of coarse this is a reaction to supply and demand, I know that. Sometimes I'm jealous of the privileges that women get. It's not a man's world anymore, at least not in the U.S. Maybe if there was a abundance of single ladies everywhere than that would turn the tables, but until then it's hard out there for a pimp, err, I mean a man.

Religion is the easy target but..

How about "the man," whoever he is? I'll have more on this later.

Here's a joke: Humaitarians doing what doesn't exist because of greed. Ha ha.

Imagine that. It does exist and is a necessity. I don't want to get the impression that I'm all about religion. I certainly am a lot when it comes to morality and science but politics and business are also a fundamental part of our society and impact all of us.

It's not profitable to do certain things, certain needs must be taken care of. So we have businesses doing what ever is profitable, which might be truly dedicated to helping people, but which might be hurting people and getting rich off of it. Who am I to say that it's wrong to do what ever is clever to get paid? I totally understand monetary motivation. It's what fuels the world's economy and you have to have some of it.

But not all of it, and we have to have certain levels of decency when it comes to what corporations and do. Imagine a world where we are all slaves to monolithic corporations that have no borders and can shift faces very fast. I'd rather not. I'd rather not have to at least.

We have rules of decency regarding sex don't we? You are suppose to respect each others' spouses, right? Of coarse you are and that serves a useful purpose. And you are suppose not do to others what you wouldn't want done to you, right? I don't think that failing to meet moral standards is sin, in the divine respect, but it should carry the social stigma that it's definitely wrong. And for the category higher, why not some man-made laws to enforce them? Well how 'bout that.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

What We Must Keep In the Public Realm

It occurred to me recently of the idea of what should the balance be between believing what the truth most likely is: There is a God and that one religion is true or; there isn't a God at all and that we exist from natural processes with no Divine interference.

I think that we must keep doubt about any one religion being true and favor the belief that there most likely isn't a God based on the evidence available, and that we should conduct ourselves to be the most moral society possible due to the non-existence of divine authority and morality.

Wow what a sentence.

We must keep this in the public realm, and not have old superstition and religious ideas that are outdated, to being the main state of mind. That doesn't mean there can't be knowledge of religion or discussion about it, even favorably. It is only to make sure there is no religious domination over government and we can have a free and open media without religious filters in it. (Not to mention any corporate monopoly or domination over it either)

Why is this not a good idea?

Happy New Year's


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