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Monday, August 28, 2017

Time To Walk The Walk: Hurricane Harvey Donation

If you want to walk the walk and not just talk the talk, and if you're a humanist or an atheist who wants to show the world that atheists can do what the religious can do — but even better, then donate to help the recent hurricane victims through the Foundation Beyond Belief. I just gave $10.

Foundation Beyond Belief

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

MEME TIME: What's The Problem With Complaining About Climate Change While Eating Meat?

Basically, eating meat and fish are the single biggest contributors to man-made climate change. So if stopping man-made climate change is important to you and you happen to eat cheeseburgers, fish, chicken, and you love you some bacon, you're the worst part of the problem.

Food for thought.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Please Donate To the Nepal Relief Efforts!

I gave $10 recently to assist the relief efforts after the devastating earthquake recently. Large numbers of small donations make a big impact. The way I think of it is like this: if I can waste ten dollars on some watered down drink at some pretentious bar that I got absolutely no pleasure out of, I can spend ten dollars to help those suffering right now from a disaster. Fuck yeah I can. It's the least I can do.

Be an example of secular humanism at work!

Click here to donate to the Red Cross

Donate here through the Foundation Beyond Belief

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Who Are The Skeptics?

The "skeptical" community consists of atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, humanists, non-believers and the like. We are generally united in our skepticism towards supernatural and pseudo-scientific claims. But what about those of "faith" who believe in god and their religion's fantastic claims? Are they skeptical? Well, theists actually are just as skeptical as non-believers are, but they're only skeptical towards things that contradict their religious beliefs. Take creationists for example, they're extremely skeptical towards evolution and they'll look for any possible way out of actually having to accept its evidence, but then they'll believe in talking snakes, people living inside fish, and that two of every animal and insect once shared a single boat during a worldwide flood.

So where is the consistency with skepticism? Why only apply it towards things that contradict your faith? Why believe something just because it's written in a book, but disbelieve in science that at least has evidence backing it up? Most theists behaves this way towards their religion: When it comes to their religion, they'll believe whatever is required that they believe, no matter how improbable or how impossible. They'll believe it because their religion requires it. But if their faith is strong, then anything that contradicts that belief they will have already decided can't be true, and so they throw up a wall of extreme skepticism that blocks the passage of any evidence. This is not true of every theist, however. There are at least some who constantly doubt their religious beliefs and do allow evidence to change them.

So both non-believers and believers are technically skeptics, just in different ways. I certainly am skeptical about the supernatural claims made by religions, and since theists cannot offer any real scientific evidence to back up their claims, I am within reason to continue doubting. I've heard the best arguments theists have for the existence of god, like the cosmological argument, the fine tuning argument, etc. and I've seriously considered all of them very deeply. In the end, neither of them are proofs, they're probability arguments founded on intuitive logical assumptions. There exists natural explanations that describe non-supernatural processes that can result in our universe and its apparent fine tuning. And as long as a plausible, natural alternative exists to a supernatural one, I can reasonably maintain my doubt and skepticism.

So whose skepticism is more justified? Certainly not the creationists. Neo-Christians who accept the cosmological explanations of our galaxy, sun and earth, and who accept evolution certainly are on better footing, but it seems to me that as time goes on and our understanding of the world through science gets greater and greater, the skepticism of the atheist becomes more and more justified. The more we understand, the less and less we need the hand of god as an explanatory device.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Here's a joke: Humaitarians doing what doesn't exist because of greed. Ha ha.

Imagine that. It does exist and is a necessity. I don't want to get the impression that I'm all about religion. I certainly am a lot when it comes to morality and science but politics and business are also a fundamental part of our society and impact all of us.

It's not profitable to do certain things, certain needs must be taken care of. So we have businesses doing what ever is profitable, which might be truly dedicated to helping people, but which might be hurting people and getting rich off of it. Who am I to say that it's wrong to do what ever is clever to get paid? I totally understand monetary motivation. It's what fuels the world's economy and you have to have some of it.

But not all of it, and we have to have certain levels of decency when it comes to what corporations and do. Imagine a world where we are all slaves to monolithic corporations that have no borders and can shift faces very fast. I'd rather not. I'd rather not have to at least.

We have rules of decency regarding sex don't we? You are suppose to respect each others' spouses, right? Of coarse you are and that serves a useful purpose. And you are suppose not do to others what you wouldn't want done to you, right? I don't think that failing to meet moral standards is sin, in the divine respect, but it should carry the social stigma that it's definitely wrong. And for the category higher, why not some man-made laws to enforce them? Well how 'bout that.


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