The Thinker - A Novel

The Thinker - A Novel is a fictionalized account of my life in New York City that sometimes draws from real life events. It's about a young man's journey of self discovery in modern day America. It's about exploring philosophy, religion, and atheism in the context of contemporary urban life. It's about exploring friendship, dating, sex, work, and the modern day values and the dynamics between them that us so-called "millennials" deal with. I envision it in the tradition of Jack Kerouac's On the Road and Jay McInerney's Bright Lights, Big City. Two fantastic novels that encapsulated the culture of their times.

The Thinker begins with the story's protagonist getting fired from the job he hates and soon realizes that this was a blessing in disguise. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he sets out on an exploration to find himself, and what he should stand for, and what the meaning of life is in the modern day world with its worship of money, materialism, and obsessions with social status. Along the way, nearly every major social, political, and philosophical concept is explored – from ethics, to metaphysics, to capitalism, to democracy, to feminism, to sexuality, and more. It aims to teach as much as it aims to entertain. There will occasionally be monologues, and there will occasionally be Socratic dialogues. It will get graphic at times, and it will get funny at times. It will be blunt and real. It will be broken up into very short parts, in chronological order, each exploring a different subject matter or theme, usually no more than a few pages in length for easy reading. I have high hopes for this, and I really hope it turns out as good as I envision it. And I certainly hope you find it entertaining and informative. I hope it enjoins you to explore the themes covered in its chapters. Below will be the links to the chapters and will be continually updated as I produce them.



Chapter 1
Part 1. A New Beginning
Part 2. The Plan
Part 3. Bike Ride
Part 4. Economics 101
Part 5. Cocaine and The Meaning of Life
Part 6. New Yawk Tawk

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