Friday, August 30, 2013

Christianity As A Social Disease

I cannot help but notice that the worldview Christianity paints, really is one in which we are all born sick and commanded to be "perfect." And since we cannot meet this standard of perfection, we are to be sent to a place to be punished forever.

But there is a cure offered, and that of course, is Christianity.

So in order for Christianity to work, we need to be infected with the disease first. We first need to be convinced that we're sick, that we're sinners, that we're inherently wicked, immoral, and undeserving, and only then, once we've been sufficiently convinced that we're diseased, can the Christian offer us the cure for our new illness. But it doesn't end there. No, we're then instructed to go out and infect others with this disease by convincing them that they're also wretched, flawed, immoral beings, and then afterwards offer them the cure. And they are to spread the disease to others, and on and on until the whole world is infected.

In other words, Christianity is a social disease. It's a dangerous psychological meme that has to be spread from person to person, until the entire world is infected. That's its goal.

But there is another cure for this social disease: skepticism. That's right. A healthy dose of skepticism can inoculate one beforehand and prevent them from ever falling prey to the disease spreaders. It worked for me. Since I was fascinated by science as a kid, I learned of the naturalistic explanations before I heard the book of Genesis. That safeguarded me against its baseless and inaccurate claims, and it prevented me from getting infected. Thus, skepticism and scientific literacy are like a protective condom against the rampant spread of social diseases like Christianity.

Now a Christian might say that spreading skepticism is itself a social disease. But here's the difference: I'm not telling anyone that they're inherently miserable, wretched, immoral sinners who don't deserve the life that they didn't even ask for, Christianity is. They may attempt to use kinder words so as to not show Christianity's true colors, but that is really what the religion teaches.  

Get inoculated.

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