Thursday, July 11, 2013

Creationists Will Never Learn

It is amazing how many creationists there are out there still clinging on to the idea that god created us all and all the species of life at some point in the past. There's so much variety in their fantasy beliefs. Some are young earthers who take Genesis 1 literally word for word. Others are old earthers who think god created each species separately but made them each successively distinct from one another in chronological order that gives the appearance that they evolved, but are each separate creations.

The young earthers are obviously crazy, the old earthers are a small step closer to reality, but why would a god create all the world's species over millions of years making it look as if they evolved? That makes no sense and it points to a god who intentionally deceives. Old earthism seems to me like another insincere and ad hoc explanation of reconciling creationism with the fossil record and age of the earth.

A quick Google search will show anyone that there are numerous websites that cater to the quote mining needs of some disingenuous creationists who needs a bunch of cut-and-paste sentences of a few scientists expressing "doubts" about evolution. They're ready-made for the creationist to plaster on their website or blog, and function as the lazy man's way to outsource the debate to so called "expert testimony."

Evolutionary creationists or theistic evolutionists fair better in that they accept that most if not all of the evolutionary process has occurred, albeit guided or started by god. I have expressed my problems with theistic evolution in the past but it is better to deal with them then the young earthers. Many theists will simply just never let the door open even a crack to the idea of evolution. It would be all down hill from there, they think, once even a hint of Darwinian natural selection is adopted even if it is compromised and squeezed into the domain of guided theistic evolution.

And so they'll keep writing on their websites like uncommon descent, Answers in Genesis and many others to try to poke as many holes in evolution as they possibly can, often doing a terrible job. They'll promote their spokes-heros like Stephen Meyer and William Dembski, Ken Ham and Ray Comfort. All futile efforts as evolution is never going to be debunked. I've never heard a creationist argument that hasn't been successfully refuted. Creationist can move the goal posts all they want - I'm fine with that. Eventually they'll have moved the goal post so far it will be sitting right on the Origin of the Species.

You can lead a creationist to evidence, but you can't make him think.

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