Thursday, April 11, 2013

Natural Born Skeptic: My Atheist Journey

I think it's important that we all tell our stories about how we arrived at our core beliefs. Each and every one of us is unique in our life experiences that shaped our journeys towards atheism. For some of us, it was a long process rife with emotion and with many bumps along the road. For others, it was a sudden realization - an epiphany of disbelief as the result of an argument, a book or a person. I want to share my story with you about my personal relationship with disbelief. It's a very inward and subjective reflection and I'd really appreciate it if others can find hope, inspiration and can relate to it on some level.

Blase Pascal wrote of those who are so made that they cannot believe. That would describe me. I've been a natural born skeptic ever since I can remember and have had the luck of growing up in a secular country, and in a secular metropolis. I've since discovered just how important it is to preserve this system that has benefited me and millions of others so well regardless of whether they've been religious or not.

So please read and enjoy my atheist journey from skeptic to antitheist.

Natural Born Skeptic: My Atheist Journey


Chapter 1: From Skeptic To Antitheist
Part 1: In The Beginning
Part 2: Natural Born Skeptic
Part 3: The Atheist Goes To College
Part 4: Nihilism And The Search For Deeper Meaning
Part 5: The Road Towards Antitheism

Chapter 2: Atheism With A Purpose
Part 6: Why Fight Religion?
Part 7: What Kind Of Atheist Are You?
Part 8: Purpose And Meaning In A Godless World
Part 9: Purpose And Meaning In A Godless World (Continued) 
Part 10: The Journey Ahead

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