Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Atheism Is Only A Justification Of Sin

Just about every time I read about Christians defending their doctrines it makes me want to puke. They say sin leads to atheism, and atheism is really just a way for people to justify their sins. Let's examine this for a bit. Why is a sin a sin? Take sex outside of marriage for example, which pretty much everyone in the industrialized world does. Is it really harmful, like in the way murder is harmful? Or is it a sin because the Bible says so? Before the invention of birth control, and effective condoms, sex outside of marriage could lead to unwanted pregnancy, and in the traditional societies of antiquity, this could spell a lot of trouble. A woman who had sex with multiple men could get pregnant, and if the men weren't seriously involved with her, they might not be willing to take care of the child especially since they might not know for sure if it was theirs.  So it's easy to see the source of why we'd think of fornication as sinful.

Fast forward to the modern world, and men and women can have sex without the consequences of sex due to technological advances like birth control. So now we can all fuck to our heart's desire, and wake up the next morning free of any long-term consequences. The pervasiveness of fornication enrages religious conservatives and many correlate the rise in atheism as society's quest to rid itself of the guilt and sin associated with it. It's interesting to note however, that many people raised in the modern world in progressive environments don't even have that guilt associated with fornication that existed before.

Let's face it, the sexual revolution happened, and the cat's out of the bag. We are never going back to those puritan times that many religious conservatives are longing for. Our evolved intellect has enabled us to create technology that has fundamentally changed the nature in which we can have sex. Even though sex has always been about pleasure, we now we have the means to maximize that pleasure with none of the consequences we traditionally faced.

So while many atheists (and theists alike) are living lifestyles that were (and are) traditionally considered sinful, anyone who seriously questions the nature of "sin" and the moral arguments behind it, realizes that many of them are pretty much founded on the Bible saying so. And since the Bible is a very bad attempt at a historical document, and contains such harmful commandments like killing gay people (Leviticus 20:13) and even female victims of rape (Deuteronomy 20-22), there's no morally justifiable reason why we should seriously consider violations of rules in its pages as anything worthy of respect. A morally responsible atheist today realizes that the "sins" of the Bible are only justified by supposed divine commandments, and if we were to take them seriously, we might have a society today that is doing what Leviticus and Deuteronomy recommend above, and that would be the greater "sin".

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