Sunday, January 13, 2013


A Poem

I exist not to be seen,
clouded under a shroud of darkness.
I am not to be heard but only for my words.
Darkness is my escape,
it is my sanctuary.
I avoid the light as much as necessary.
Glimpses of myself rile up feelings of sadness.
I no longer seek company like I used to.
I no longer wish to be seen.
I want to disappear.
Consciousness has become my enemy,
forcing me to endure time as it passes with decreasing speed.
I wish death could be so simple.
I wish death could provide hope.
I no longer dream about the future like I used to.
Now the past is all I have.
I regret that I had not done things differently.
It is so hard to accept such a tragic fate that has befallen me.
I wish it never were.
I wish I never were.

Alas, all tears eventually dry in the sun.

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