Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Dead of Winter

I haven't been able to write any good posts lately. Not much is going on in my life. All I've been doing is going to work and then coming home pretty much. I watch the occasional Hitchens video on YouTube, and listen to the Real Time With Bill Maher podcast on iTunes. Religion still intrigues me and my obsession with the Secular Metropolis. Other than that, work takes precedence over all things fun and endearing. I don't mind staying home on a freezing night and spending time on work related jobs, or creating 3D GoogleEarth sketchups. When the weather gets nice and warm, as it is about to do in a few weeks, I'm going to start minding.

I plan on doing more outdoor things this Summer. Bike rides, camping, bars yes, and outdoor music festivals. Oh man I can't wait for Summer. I'm planing on going down to Washington D.C. for a weekend to visit an old friend. That should be cool. I'd love to properly check out our nation's capitol.

So there is much to look forward to. I need another vacation badly, let me tell you. And all I have to do is wait.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Going to Brooklyn: A Bike Ride

One morning last Summer I got up really early and took a bike ride down to the Brooklyn promenade. It was a beautiful sunny day in August. Here are my pictures:

The industrial area on the Queens/Brooklyn border has a sense of desolate grace to it:

This is an old rickety bridge that spans Newtown Creek:

Headed to Brooklyn:

Downtown Brooklyn rising. New highrise apartments:

Downtown Brooklyn Baby:

The Oro Condominium:


The East foot of the Manhattan Bridge:

The Lower East Side "Skyline" as seen from Brooklyn:

Standard Lower Manhattan Skyline Shot:

The New Beekman Tower topped out and almost ready for its close up:

The New Brooklyn Park Under Construction:

And Now for Some Brooklyn Heights, One of the most beautiful neighborhoods in New York:

One of the many hidden treasures tucked away on the quiet, shaded streets of Brooklyn Heights:

You can get a hickey on Love Lane:

Downtown Brooklyn is brown stone country:

On my way back I pass through South Williamsburg, the Dominican part:

McCarren Park on a beautiful August day. I stopped by to work out in the outdoor exorcise area, and even took my shirt off.

Midtown Skyline from the Greenpoint Avenue Bridge:

That's all folks!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

New York: A Love/Hate Relationship

I'm going crazy because of work. I am working 11 hour days and getting barely half of that in sleep every night. Everyday I commute into the city, packed into to a train like a Sardine. I take an elevator up to the 23rd floor. The view from up there isn't as spectacular as you would think. Then I do the same routine on the way back home.

I know that in New York you have to work hard. I love this city but the amount of time you have to work is draining me on my life and energy. I almost long for a slower paced, hippie retreat in the middle of nowhere.

But, I still love this city. I still love its energy. Maybe the reason I have no energy is because the city is absorbing all of mine? I was watching some old newsreels about New York. They're fun to watch. Newsreels were shown in movie theaters during the intermission. It's interesting to watch these old newsreels to see how things were way back when.

In one called City of Magic from 1956, you can hear the narrator's enthusiasm for the big apple. I too carry that enthusiasm for New York tucked under my jaded expression. I know if I move away, I will get that longing for New York that I've had on extended trips away. New York was the biggest city in the world at that time, an unrivaled metropolis. It had to tallest building in the world, the Empire State Building. The city must have exhilarated so many imaginations and thrilled so many hearts back then, as it still does today.

Transportation in New York back in the 1950s:


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