Monday, November 29, 2010

Something Else To Mix With Soda

I was thinking of maybe taking this blog in a whole new direction. Perhaps writing more about my personal life and thoughts, and my experiences being a young man in contemporary New York. Sure there are thousands already doing that, but no one quite like me. No one is as crazy and weird. I got back into partying on the weekends. I love going out and meeting new people and losing myself in the moment. There's more to life than just being an Atheist. I can comment on each experience, each situation from an Atheistic perspective.

Saturday nights are best spent very intoxicated, and around a lot of people. A cool bar or lounge will do. A loud club will do too, on some occasions. Making out with a cute girl you just met on the dance floor will definitely do. Running your fingers through her hair while inhaling her scent will do even better. Getting kicked out of a bar after being falsely accused of selling cocaine in it will definitely not do. Looking for more girls to talk to after already making out with one is, well, what you do when you're drunk.

I'm in a weird state of affairs right now. I kind of want to settle down, and be monogamous to one special girl. But then a part of me wants to live the party life that is oh so glamorized. I suppose the right girl can change everything. Is there anything immoral about that lifestyle of debauchery and carnal lust? Everything in moderation is what I believe in, but periods of indulgence are hard to refrain from.

I have to admit that I have not forgotten how fun it was to party every weekend. During my college years, I was working the night shift as a security guard on the weekend. I was taking night classes and that was leaving me with literally no time for any partying. I was sleeping all day and working all night. There was a 2 year period where I think I might have went out less than a half-dozen times. 2008 was the most boring year of my life. This period of my life was my sacrifice, it was my propitiation, but of course not to any god. It was what I had to do to get where I am today, with not only a degree, or a job, but with a career. I have every right to party my ass off now. I sacrificed more than 2 years of the prime of my life, often falling into deep depression because of it.

So to those who criticize, know this: I've paid my dues. I've abstained. I've refrained. Now I have earned my right to indulge. I have earned the right to have that next drink and grab that girl by the waist, and lay a deep, passionate kiss on her. It's a good thing she wanted to kiss me back.

Now on to the girls of today, the modern women of the Secular Metropolis. One thing to know is, they aren't always so secular; arguing religion with a girl you've just met at 4 a.m. may not seem like a bright idea at the time. Another things is, is that they're all so different. Some greet you with a big smile and flirtatious eye contact, while others totally ignore you. You can meet quite an interesting array of female specimens at a busy bar. From my experiences, girls that are provocatively dressed are most often the ones that are the most stuck up. It's the girls who are more subtle in their desire for attention, who are, to put it mildly, the biggest sluts.

The thing about women dressed slutty, is that we men all desire that, but will rarely look at a whorishly attired women and think she'll make a great wife. Such women are ideal for a short fling, largely based on physical attraction. Of course, any woman can wear the uniform of a slut, while still being a good girl at heart. Meeting a girl at that one moment she decides to dress a little daring, might leave you with an impression of her that isn't an accurate representation of her. But then again, neither is you acting like a drunken idiot screaming in the streets.

Can't we all compromise?

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