Saturday, March 6, 2010


I had this idea of having a small machine that could stop time so that when I wake up at 7:30 in the morning and feel I need another couple hours of sleep, I could freeze time, get my sleep and then unfreeze it when I wake up naturally. That way I'd be able to start my day getting enough sleep as I want, anytime I want. Now there will be a catch, so I don't abuse this machine. When I freeze time with this small machine, I still age even as the world is frozen still. So if I were to do this too much I would end up aging a lot faster than everyone else. We spend a third of our lives sleeping and if abused too much it could result in me aging nearly a third of my life faster.

So, I'd have to make sure that I only use this machine when I really really need it, and if I use it too much well, I'd grown older as the world around me is suspended in time and in age. I've often wanted this machine. Many days I wish I could get a little more shut eye. Wouldn't it be cool to be able to have this power? I'd use it to re-sync my sleep pattern with the natural world. I often stay up way later than a lot of people, and sleep later. I'm semi-nocturnal. My biological time clock seems to be out of sync with the natural world of 24 hour days and nights. This imaginary machine could correct it whenever I slip out of cycle.

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