Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh Allah. The Benificial, The Merciful????

I've been reading and watching up on many stories about the threat of Islam in the West. In Europe the problem is bigger than it is here in the U.S. Radical Muslims as well as those considered moderate are demanding separate laws for themselves within the country they live in. They want Shar'ia Law for Muslims, and many don't care much for any assimilation to the Western culture or ideology. They are subversives who want to slowly take control of each country they immigrate to from the inside out. Some don't even hide this objective.

Could it be true? I used to be very liberal on the subject. I was against the war in Iraq. I hated Bush and Cheney. Still do. I was on board with Michael Moore and even Ron Paul. I used to believe that it was our involvement in Islamic land and affairs that was the source of their hatred and aggression toward the West. Now I'm hearing from writers like Christopher Hitchens that the Islamic world and the West are mutually incompatible with one another and that there will be fighting inevitably regardless of Western imperialism. I'm not saying that I disagree with my liberal views on the War and Islam or that I have adopted Hitchen's beliefs, what I'm saying now is that I believe both have some good points and that the truth probably lies somewhere between the both of them.

I believe Western imperialism has led to a stronger more aggressive response by the Islamic world but I do agree that Islam and Western secular liberal democracy are incompatible. The U.S. is based on a Western European Christian culture, even though we are not officially a Christian nation (thank God). We live in a Western culture, the Islamic world is a Eastern or Middle-Eastern culture, with far different values from ours despite Islam being an Abrahamic religion.

I've been reading the Koran a bit lately, not deeply. It disturbs me as does the Bible and Talmud does. It mentions many times that Allah hates the unbelievers (infidels) and that the unbeliever is not the equal to the Muslim and that Allah will get his way with the unbeliever. If Allah hates unbelievers then what is to stop or discourage Muslims from hating the unbelievers as well? Many Muslims don't hate nonbelievers but the Koran can be interpreted in justifying hatred and even violence against non-Muslims. That is why Islam scares me.

Will I when I'm older be living in a Muslim majority country? Will the U.S.A. become the United States of Allah? Will a Muslim majority use democracy to vote in Shar'ia law and change our country forever? Where the conservatives right when they warned us about the threat of Islamofacism? Where us liberals simply ignorant or in a complete state of denial of the threat to our Western democracy from Islam? Only time will tell but I'd hate to realize the threat when it's too late.

I've noticed that many second generation Asian and Muslim-Americans do Americanize very fast. I hope that keeps up and that they drop the religion their parents forced them into altogether.

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