Wednesday, March 10, 2010

But What if There is a God...? Part one The Monotheistic Gods

But What if There is a God...? is a series on what you'd have to believe if you'd believe in God. There are many types of Gods out there and I will address the most popular types that have stood the test of time, mostly the monotheistic God of the Bible, and the Koran as well as the New Age God that could be the universe or anything in it.

What if the God of the Bible or Koran was real? It's a question I've asked myself many times. I can't know for a fact that there is absolutely no God, so let's say he exists. You'd have to believe that, as atheist Christopher Hitchens puts it, that from the moment of conception, we are living under an unalterable, unchangeable dictator that knows everything you do, everything you think, can convict you of thought crime, and you are unable to get rid of him even when you die. When you die is actually when the real fun starts because then he can send your soul to a hell for eternal punishment or a heaven for constant never ending infinite praise to him. You will never see the back of him and he will never die and step aside to let you grow for yourself. It would be like being a child forever and ever, never becoming an adult, having a parent around who watches over you and punishes you forever, and demands constant praise and worship for eternity.

But that's only the beginning. What if this God really did put the Dinosaur bones in the ground to test our faith? What if he purposely did put the hominid fossils in the Serengeti plains of east Africa to mislead us and test our faith in him? What if he really is jealous, callous, sadistic, and indifferent to our suffering, and purposely lied to us that he is just, all-loving and merciful? What if he did set up an unbelievable story and ridiculously high unattainable standards to live by so that he could sadistically watch us struggle in vain to achieve them, only to send us to hell when we don't? What if he has petty, human-like emotions and faults that make him capable of falling to every negative susceptibility that we humans are? What if he can do all this because he is God and can do whatever he wants?

It's quite possible. If this is true than no evidence we find in the fossil record or anywhere else is worth any merit as an argument against the existence of God because they were all created by God for that very purpose of testing our faith. It makes the argument against God unfalsifiable.

If this is all true, and there is evidence in the Bible and Koran to suggest that this God has demonstrated all of the above characteristics, then who would want to praise and worship a God who behaves is such a way? I know I wouldn't. Millions of people have lost their faith due to this argument. To actually believe in the God of the Bible or Koran, you should call God what he is. Let's call a spade a spade. God is jealous, indifferent, indecisive, angry, and sadistic at times. He shows all of the same roller coaster of emotions that any typical teenager anywhere in the world shows, usually over the course of a single day. But to the religious, he is all powerful, perfect, and always worthy of praise. He can do no wrong. Sounds to me a lot like Stalinist Russia, and Maoist China. The leader is always right. He deserves praise for everything, good or bad. Totalitarianism defined.

Being that there could be an all powerful deity up there, or in another dimension one has to contemplate a scary scenario. How could the fossil evidence show otherwise to contradict the holy scriptures of the Bible and Koran? Could the fossil evidence not be placed there by God to trick us? If they weren't put there by God then they have to be real then, and if they're real then they contradict the holy books, and if they contradict the holy books then either God lied to us when he told man the words than became the Bible and Koran, or man made up many of the stories of the Bible, and Koran.

Take a breather, let this all sink in. One of them is true. If you believe in God then you have to believe the scary idea that he purposely lied to us. Plain and simple. There is no way to otherwise get around it. God is a liar and he is praised by people who either don't see his lies, or fear God's wrath on their souls and lives, and therefore continue loving and praising him mainly out of fear.

This is the position you'd have to accept in order to believe in the monotheistic God, Yahweh or Allah, or whatever name he goes by.

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