Thursday, December 31, 2009

So Long 2000s

It's the last day of the year and the last day of the decade. It goes by so fast, as you get older. It was a fun decade. I became a man this decade. 2000 does seem so long ago, yet at the same time not as long as 10 years should be.

At the stroke of midnight 2000 I was atop my former best friend's apartment just a few blocks from where I am now. I'm suppose to go to a friends house in an hour. New Year's and Christmas always get built up all year long and they usually never live up to their reputations. I did have more fun this year as I planned through my New Year's resolution last year. I spent the last week with my mom who I only see about twice a year, it was the same as usual.

I look back at past New Year's, last year I was waiting a flight back to New York. I like the idea of spending some time in a house or apartment and getting drunk and high and partying and bringing in the new year with the ones closest to you, instead of a bunch of strangers. I overcame some of my demons this decade and hopefully I will continue to overcome the things that hold me down.

Happy New Year's to all. Peace and Abundance.

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