Saturday, October 10, 2009


Some have argued that people should need to have a license to have kids. I don't disagree but i think it would be hard to implement and enforce. what if a woman got pregnant and was unable to qualify for a license? Would the government take away her kids or force her to terminate it? Would there be penalties?

I think that a lot of our problems with bad people are due to the fact that we have a lot of bad parents. Abusive, neglectful, or entirely absent. There are people who have way too many kids. No one today should be having 5 kids, or 8 kids. I think people should have 2 kids maximum. In third world countries where people don't have access to contraceptives or where religion or cultural reasons forbid sex education, condoms, birth control or abortions, and where people are extremely poor, they are reproducing at an alarming rate. There is massive over population in many third world countries. This creates more poverty.

It is true every child is born innocent. They have no choice in what circumstances, economically, geographically, they are born into. But their parents are. When an adult chooses to bring a child into this world they are playing God. They know what type of situation that child is going to be born into. If people are so poor they can't even afford to buy a pair of shoes, why do they have so many kids that they are unable to care for? There are cultural reasons why people have lots of kids, many traditional cultures require a woman to bare lots of kids. It is a left over from our primitive days where humans were numbered in the few millions and there was rampant disease that killed a third of all babies born.

So, we are left with this instinct to have babies, have babies, have babies, and now there are almost nearly 7 billion of them and the earth's population will double in another 50 years or so.

I think we need to stop this ridiculous idea that we must populate and have lots of kids. There are too many kids on the planet and they are mostly coming from extremely poor parents who can't even afford to support themselves.

This is one reason why I am totally pro-choice when it comes to abortion and disagree with religion on issue relating to reproduction and contraceptives. I believe old school thinking, whether religiously based or not is ruining the lives of our children and the future of our planet and humanity.

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