Saturday, October 10, 2009


Some have argued that people should need to have a license to have kids. I don't disagree but i think it would be hard to implement and enforce. what if a woman got pregnant and was unable to qualify for a license? Would the government take away her kids or force her to terminate it? Would there be penalties?

I think that a lot of our problems with bad people are due to the fact that we have a lot of bad parents. Abusive, neglectful, or entirely absent. There are people who have way too many kids. No one today should be having 5 kids, or 8 kids. I think people should have 2 kids maximum. In third world countries where people don't have access to contraceptives or where religion or cultural reasons forbid sex education, condoms, birth control or abortions, and where people are extremely poor, they are reproducing at an alarming rate. There is massive over population in many third world countries. This creates more poverty.

It is true every child is born innocent. They have no choice in what circumstances, economically, geographically, they are born into. But their parents are. When an adult chooses to bring a child into this world they are playing God. They know what type of situation that child is going to be born into. If people are so poor they can't even afford to buy a pair of shoes, why do they have so many kids that they are unable to care for? There are cultural reasons why people have lots of kids, many traditional cultures require a woman to bare lots of kids. It is a left over from our primitive days where humans were numbered in the few millions and there was rampant disease that killed a third of all babies born.

So, we are left with this instinct to have babies, have babies, have babies, and now there are almost nearly 7 billion of them and the earth's population will double in another 50 years or so.

I think we need to stop this ridiculous idea that we must populate and have lots of kids. There are too many kids on the planet and they are mostly coming from extremely poor parents who can't even afford to support themselves.

This is one reason why I am totally pro-choice when it comes to abortion and disagree with religion on issue relating to reproduction and contraceptives. I believe old school thinking, whether religiously based or not is ruining the lives of our children and the future of our planet and humanity.

Hip Hop's Problems

I was one of the first generations raised with hip hop since birth. I love the medium of hip hop as a form of self expression, to tell stories and ideas. It is an incredible art form.

Over the years as I've gotten older I began to turn away from hip hop and the hip hop lifestyle. Mind you, everyone who listens to hip hop doesn't behave or act a certain way, but generally hip hop culture produces a certain mentality that I think promotes ignorance, and is self destructive.

Over 50% of inner city high school students are dropping out, this has been happening for quite some time. Rappers brag about dropping out of school to sell drugs, how they hated learning and cut class. How many rappers brag about getting straight A's and pursuing higher education? Exactly.

Rappers are almost obligated to get involved in some legal trouble, as it adds to their street credibility. Getting caught with a gun, beating up a girlfriend or someone else, getting caught with drugs, knocking up random girls and getting them pregnant, all are positive acts that help rappers get respect and provide subject matter in their material. Almost every rapper has knocked up a girl and got her pregnant.

The materialism in hip hop speaks for itself. This worship of money and materialism as if it is the most important thing in the world is ridiculous. There are so many hip hop videos that show rappers with wads of cash and jewelry, with a face that says "look what I got, bitch, aren't you jealous?"

What impression does this leave on the minds of the listeners? Let's face it, hip hop culture is all about instant gratification, jealousy, envy, showing off, and worse of all greed. It's kind of like Wall Street, only drugs and albums are the main sources of income.

The critics say positive hip hop doesn't sell. I understand this, it's the same reason why sex sells in the movies and violence does too. I just wish there was a more intellectual sub genre of hip hop that was positive and also commercially viable. And I wish that we didn't have this incredible ridiculously ignorant standard for which we judge our rappers and what rappers are to have done. I wish "ghetto credibility" was a thing of the past.

Don't get me wrong, I respect the format of hip hop as an art form, but I will not embrace the culture of ignorance.


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