Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer's almost over

It's mid August and we are in the dog days of summer. In just a few short weeks it will all be over and a long dark winter will set in. Summer always goes by so fast. I wish it could last a little longer. When I was a kid during summer vacation, summer seems to last so long, and today as an adult it goes by so fast. I wish I had gone out a little more during the day time. I'm usually working during the day and on the weekends I usually go out at night. I didn't even go to the beach once this year, but I'm really not a beach person. I'd like to go camping this summer, instead of doing the whole club/bar hopping thing.

My New Year's resolution this year was simply only to have more fun. I had a very boring 2008, and most of my entertainment was watching the election. This summer I've been going out every weekend partying and it's been great, with a few bad nights thrown in, it always happens. I still don't have my shit together, figuratively speaking. I'd like to be making more money so that I don't have to do everything cheap when I go out. Also, I always feel I need better friends. There are always things about the people I'm around that I don't like. Everyone I know has some issues that annoy me, such as there always broke, or they have a bad schedule, or they have a wife that wont let them hang out. I guess I should be thankful that about what I have.

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