Thursday, August 27, 2009

Making Music

I just got an electric guitar and I love it. I wish I had started making music much earlier. If in high school I started learning guitar I'd be really good by now, instead I'm just a beginner learning the foundation of musical guitar. I like to play hard rock and heavy metal, as well as the blues and some punk/indie. I hope that in a few years I am rocking my ass off as well as other people also.

When you can make music you can really impress people. I've always respected good musicians and I want to become one. Music has been my biggest passion through out my whole life. Other things have come and gone. I'm not trying to be a rock star or even in a band, I can't commit to that either. I just like making music for fun. It's a great hobby.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fat people.....yes, fat people

With the nation in the middle of the often loud and angry health care debate, I have a few words about us Americans. We are fat, and we are the laughing stock of the world. People starve to death in some countries around the world, and our problem is that we have too much food. It's so funny when you really think about it. The problem is this: are fat people driving up health care costs? I believe they are, but they are clearly not the only problem. Smokers too drive up health care costs, as do people with other unhealthy lifestyles. I have a proposal, it's what I call a "fat Tax" on those people who I like to call 'gravitationally challenged."

I conjured up this this idea for the New York City subway, after one day not too long ago when I wanted a seat on the train and a "gravitationally challenged" person was taking up two seats, instead of the usual one and a half. I think that since "gravitationally challenged" people take up more space, it is only fair that they should pay more money to ride the train. Basically, we should pay for space.

It would work like this, to ride the subway you'd pay a penny for every pound you weigh. You weigh 250 lbs, you pay $2.50, you weigh 130 lbs, you pay $1.30. We'd all have to carry a new metrocard, and with this we'd swipe the machine and right before we walk through the turnstile, we'd have to step on a scale embedded into the ground that would digitally calculate our weight, including everything we carry. The fare would be calculated at 1 penny per pound, and that would be the price we are charged to enter the subway. So yes "gravitationally challenged" people would pay more. However, this system would encourage people to loose weight and live healthy, since they wouldn't want to have to pay more money. I think it's an ingenious idea, and most of us would actually be paying less than we pay now, including me. I feel this proposal is necessary because "gravitationally challenged" people do indeed take up a lot more space in areas where space isn't abundant, like the subway, and that means a lot less space for those of us who are not "gravitationally challenged."

I think my proposal is reasonable, fair and balanced, and I'm usually right.

Monday, August 24, 2009

My summer so far

So far it's been an OK summer. I didn't have anything bad happen to me, no major incidents. I've gone out drinking just about every night of the summer so far. I've been smoking a lot when I go out drinking. I smoked almost an entire pack last night, which is rare for me since I usually don't smoke more than half a pack. I can't help it sometimes when I get drunk and I'm around party people I want to smoke one after the other. I will quite again one day, just like I did for 2 years.

I haven't been keeping up to date on a lot of IT shit. I really should because in this industry you can never fall off the bandwagon. Summer ain't over yet, there is still actually another month of it. I'm always in school no matter what so its not like I have a vacation.

I haven't been working out a lot either. I mean I look good. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I think "damn." My chest looks nice, even though I'm skinny I'm happy that I don't have a flat bird chest. I got muscle tits. All I wish for is about another 15 pounds of muscle, that's it, and I'll be fine. I have a very fast metabolism which makes it very hard for me to gain weight. I don't have a really big appetite either. I've been basically 160-165 pounds since I graduated high school. Although my weight has dipped to 150 at times. It's funny because I want to gain weight unlike everyone else in America who wants to lose weight. I can lose a pound a day if I really want to. It's not a problem.

Drinking in the city

I went out drinking last night and spent $80. Damn. I didn't even see that coming. I usually don't like to spend more than $50 but last night I lost control. I had an ok night but was it worth $80? Not really. I should have pregamed it like I usually do but I didn't last night for some stupid reason. Thank God it didn't rain. I was supposed to go camping but that's out of the question since I have a Saturday class. Maybe in two weeks.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Growing up in NYC

There is something about New Yorkers. Growing up in NYC, was great. I wouldn't have wanted to grow up anywhere else. in NY you have the world at your doorstep. I had friends from all over the world. NYers party hard. Growing up me and my friends we would get drunk all the time when I was in high school. Smoking weed was just about an everyday thing also. Most people who grow up in NY like to party and drink and do drugs. I don't think there was anything wrong with that. I have two cousins who grew up in Maryland and thay were raised so goody-to-shoes to the point where I think they really missed out on a lot of life's experiences. All parents want to keep there kids from the bad things in life, I guess, I'm lucky that my parents were a bit loose.

Listen to kids who grew up in NY. Listen to their accent. NYers have a great slang that we use. Kids who grew up in NY do tend to be a little ghetto. Almost every kid in NY says the word "nigga" as if it was dude or man. Nobody else does that outside on NY. White kids in California don't use the "N" word, unless they're being racist. I'm not saying it's right or wrong it's just something about NY culture. I guess its because the hip hop culture started here, and that's why aspects of black culture are so ingrained here in the NY culture. I'm not sure exactly.

NY is the drug capital of the world. Every other friend of mine sold drugs growing up. And just about everyone was using. All the rich yuppies on Wall Street do drugs, most likely coke. If you didn't do drugs to me it seemed you were in the minority. Or maybe, my perception is just skewed in favor of drugs because my friends did drugs growing up, I'm not sure.

You can party hard in NY too. There are 10,000 bars and clubs in NY. Before I started going out I'd party at my friends cribs. We'd listen to music or make music, since many of my friends were musicians, and we'd drink and smoke. It was fun back then and I'm glad I lived it. I just wished that I had kept a journal back then to have documented some of the experiences, and turn it into a book.

Like I said I wouldn't have wanted to grow up anywhere else.

the truth and lies

Why do we have to lie to our children? We tell them myths about Santa Claus, and the tooth fairy. We have to tell them that they are the cutest and most special person in the whole universe. Why? Are children not capable of hearing the truth? That they are cute but not the cutest, and that they are just one of 6.5 billion people on the planet, and no more important than any other person.

At some point in our lives when we grow older we realize that we aren't the best, or cutest or the most special, although a few people still continue to feel that way. It's a very weird time in a child's life when he or she comes to that realization. We have to give our kids confidence because they are going to need it in this world. I don't feel my parents gave me enough confidence when I was growing up. I don't blame them for it necessarily, I think they were to young and inexperienced as parents. People back in the eighties didn't have all the knowledge that we have today when it comes to parenting. That is why I plan on waiting a long time to become a parent, if I do. I'm going to wait until my mid 30s until I even think about it. Even Barack Obama did that. It makes a person a better parent for sure.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer's almost over

It's mid August and we are in the dog days of summer. In just a few short weeks it will all be over and a long dark winter will set in. Summer always goes by so fast. I wish it could last a little longer. When I was a kid during summer vacation, summer seems to last so long, and today as an adult it goes by so fast. I wish I had gone out a little more during the day time. I'm usually working during the day and on the weekends I usually go out at night. I didn't even go to the beach once this year, but I'm really not a beach person. I'd like to go camping this summer, instead of doing the whole club/bar hopping thing.

My New Year's resolution this year was simply only to have more fun. I had a very boring 2008, and most of my entertainment was watching the election. This summer I've been going out every weekend partying and it's been great, with a few bad nights thrown in, it always happens. I still don't have my shit together, figuratively speaking. I'd like to be making more money so that I don't have to do everything cheap when I go out. Also, I always feel I need better friends. There are always things about the people I'm around that I don't like. Everyone I know has some issues that annoy me, such as there always broke, or they have a bad schedule, or they have a wife that wont let them hang out. I guess I should be thankful that about what I have.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Today, I could've done a nice work out but I didn't. I got kind of lazy. I really want to do a nice full body work out. That means, upper body, stomach, and legs. I really don't want to get lazy again. i had a nice schedule last winter, I'd work out every other day at least, sometimes more. It's still not too late now, I can cram a workout in before I go to bed. I've never gotten to that point where I get the body I want. I usually almost get there and then, I get lazy. I have to stop that.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have been very lately with regards to working out. I'm suppose to do 150 situps a day and i have been doing about 150 a week, barely. It's hard to work out in te summer. Last winter i was working out almost every day. On top of that i started smoking again a few months ago, further worsening my health. This is very bad. I should work out at least twice a week. doing 150 sit ups is not hard at all, it's just that I get bitten by the lazy bug when I get home. I'm suppose to work out my legs also since I have these skinny pussy legs.

I don't have a weight problem at all, in fact I worry that i'm too skinny. I want to gain about 10 pounds of muscle. I feel being 175 lbs. is ideal for me and I'm really about 160-165. I have a fast metabolism that means if I skip a meal I can loose a few pounds. Sometimes when I'm busy I do skip meals and I notice my weight dropping. I hit a low of 150 recently and I don't like how I look when I'm too skinny.

I've noticed that my stomach is getting bigger and that really bothers me. When I gain weight it usually goes straight to my gut. And I know that when your gut gets bigger you will eventually reach a point where you are very hard pressed to get it flat and under control. Essentially you reach a point of no return. If you on the other hand can control it and keep it hard and tight, you will never get to that point.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Why all men are hippocrates

All men are hippocrates because we want to have sex with as many woman as we can, at least while we're young. We degrade women and objectify them and sometimes mistreat them when they don't respond to us like we'd like. But, then we get all defensive when some other guy says that same thing about our sister, our mom, or our daughter. All of a sudden it's not appropriate when it's a girl we know who is close to us. But that same woman we are objectifying and making lewd comments about is someone else's daughter, or sister. This is why I feel all men are hippocrates. Am I right or am I right?

Sunday, August 9, 2009


One thing I don't like is when people rely too much on fate. I don't believe in fate and here is why. If our life's paths are determined by our fate, if our love life and financial future is written in the stars, then we don't have free will over it, right? Basically if our journey has been pre-written for us and we cannot deviate from it, then what freedom do we have as individuals? I love it when I hear people say that what happened to them was God's will. In the Bible God gave us free will to determine our own paths. We make our own decisions and take responsibility for the consequences that result from them.

This is what I believe. And this is something I think we should all ask ourselves. Are we free individuals or are we controlled by God's Will? Is there a God?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ok I don't hate women

So there are a few things that I have issues with about the fairer sex. But, I don't hate women, I love women. My mother was a woman, and still is. Women drive me crazy but then they give me pleasure, and it makes me forget about all the things I hate them for. This is an ongoing cycle. I just met a girl last weekend at a bar who acted like a total bitch to me. But then got really nice at the end of the night, well not really nice but nicer. I guess she wanted to see if I'd put up with her personality long enough to show that I'm not a shallow guy (right).

She didn't behave in the way I describe women on my list. She didn't care about money, which is good, I actually didn't have to spend almost any money on her. We'll see how it progresses.

Maybe I'll make a list of things about women that I like, but it might be a bit shorter.


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