Sunday, September 24, 2017

An Analysis Of A Former Liberal Turned Trump Voter's Reasons In "Waking Up"

I came across a blog post by a "gay, former liberal" describing his experience "waking up" out of liberalism to support Donald Trump for president. While reading it I saw a number of problems with his logic and so I'm going to critique them here. It's very important we get out of our echo chambers and understand the mindset of those who think differently from us and know where exactly they go wrong.

The blogger is named Josh and describes himself as a "32-year-old single Christian gay guy, who is helping raise his 3 year old niece." Fair enough. One can be conservative and gay, and technically one can be Christian and gay, especially since nowadays just about every Christian makes up his or her own version of Christianity to suit their personality.

In his post Josh describes how he started out not being particularly political, but interested in conspiracy theories, and then later jettisoned that interest and got deeper into politics in the beginning of the last presidential election cycle. He writes,

Then something gradually happened… while watching the debates to crack jokes, I began internalizing the information, suddenly finding my eyes to begin opening. I became aware of ISIS, and others with the desire to come to America for the purposes of ending our way of life, and illegals pouring through our borders, costing taxpayers billions, and contributing to crime. I discovered our Veterans were being treated poorly, many homeless on the streets, while others are allowed to come to the United States illegally, reaping the benefits. A wide range of issues really started to resonate with me.

A few things. Yes ISIS are evil people hell bent on destroying our way of life (you know, the liberal way) and are driven by a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam. It's good to be aware of that and Democrats far too often do not acknowledge this.

Illegal immigration since the financial collapse in 2008 has been slightly declining — meaning, there's been a net decrease for nearly 10 years. But Josh is completely ignorant of that data, as is Trump, and almost all of his supporters.

As for the cost to tax payers, there's mixed data on this. Some right-leaning sources have the annual cost to tax payers at $113 billion, and many of these studies rely on estimates and include the cost of US born children of illegal immigrants who are themselves US citizens. Other studies have the number closer to $85 billion, and left-leaning sources say that there's an over all net-positive due to the consumer demand, tax revenue from income tax, payroll taxes, and the positive economic impact of lower priced goods from the cheap labor. But one thing's clear: giving illegal immigrants legal status and cracking down on work places that hire illegal immigrants off the books so that they do not pay taxes would dramatically lessen the tax burden they have on US tax payers.

And finally when it comes to the "contributing to crime" claim, it's true. Some illegal immigrants contribute to crime. But you know what? Some tourists contribute to crime. Should we ban tourists then? Of course not. Merely contributing to crime is not a justification to deport all illegal immigrants. You can't expect 11 million people to be completely crime free. Studies also show the crime rate of illegal immigrants is lower than that of native citizens. And over all crime in the US has dropped over the last 25 years, just as the numbers of illegal immigrants was rapidly increasing.

You'd think that if illegal immigrants were more prone to crime, crime would be through the roof, particularly in high immigrant areas. But that's clearly not the case. So Josh has no real argument to back up his view, unless he just doesn't like illegal immigrants. He's provided no evidence to back up any of his claims, just like Trump usually does.

As a stand-up comedian, I believe one should be able to make light of any and every topic without the PC Police shrieking about “offensive words”. Muh feelings !! I was under the misconception Conservatives were the ones who couldn’t take a joke, I was definitely wrong. Suddenly dressing up as an Indian for Halloween was offensive, sports teams were being bombarded with hate mail because of their Mascots were not “PC.”

I too rail against the PC police on the Left and I think they're annoying. So Josh has definitely got a point here. I'd just hope that liberals realize that too much PC nonsense has the negative effect of pushing people away from liberalism.

Eight years of President Obama brought about a sense of entitlement, creating a country of victims, making criminals into victims, placing everyone else first, except Americans. Once I made this realization, I could not vote for Hillary Clinton.

Obama doesn't dictate culture. If McCain or Romney had been elected president the same basic cultural trends would have happened with PC culture, perhaps even worse, since PC culture arguably gets worse under Republican presidents due to the greater sense of victimhood. Does Josh naively think Trump is really going to just end PC culture from the signing of an executive order with his mighty pen? I mean, come on.

My eyes began to open, realizing what liberal policies were doing to Europe. Rape, crime, and terrorism were destroying what once were beautiful countries. No More. I did not want the same to happen to our beloved America.

There is some truth here. Ultra-liberal policies in Europe are allowing in millions of migrants who are swelling and already swollen assimilation problem and there's indication they're committing crimes at higher rates than the native population. I've already written my views on this, so I won't repeat them again. I will say this however, the US does a far greater job at assimilating immigrants than European countries do. And most of our immigrants are from Latin America, who are already Westernized. So what's going on in Europe is not going on here. American Muslims are even more likely to support same-sex marriage than Trump's Evangelical voting base.

Being a gay Conservative, I quickly discovered this was not an easy road to walk. The self-proclaimed “progressive, tolerant, accepting” Democratic party was anything but. By disagreeing with their views, the “tolerant” left constantly told me, “I hate myself”, I’m rooting against my own lifestyle, etc… this still happens today, and at the same frequency.

The Left is increasingly intolerant towards those who disagree with it. I respect the diversity of views among the gay community. Not all gay people are liberal. Liberals need to get that in their head. But at the same time I can see where they're coming from. Conservatives for decades have pushed forward an anti-gay agenda, and Trump's running mate Mike Pence is among the most anti-gay of the conservative anti-gay agenda. So I do see a potential conflict here. However, many younger conservatives aren't as homophobic as their father's generation, and this has allowed many non-traditional types (read: gay) to openly identify as Republican or conservative.

Donald Trump was the first Presidential Candidate who has ALWAYS been supportive of LGBT. Unlike other candidates, Trump did not flip-flop on the issues to garner votes. I’ll elaborate in a future blog.

Trump has been the most pro-gay Republican president ever. True. But his VP Mike Pence and some of his appointments like Ben Carson and Neil Gorsuch have long records of being ant-gay. Trump appointed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch for example, just recently ruled against states requiring they list same sex parents on their children's birth certificate. So Trump's administration so far as not kept in line with a progressive attitude towards the gay community and certainly hasn't for the trans community.

Another huge issue for me: I’m a Christian *gasp*… Yes … a gay, Christian Conservative, before any label, I am first and foremost a child of God. The left seems to really hate Christians, while consistently defending the “religion of peace”, put that in the category of “things that make you go ummmm.”

This guy can believe what he wants. That's his right. "Conservative" covers more things than just sexual issues. You can be a conservative on economics, healthcare, immigration, and a whole assortment of non-gay things. And it is true that the Left spends way too much time fawning over Islam and Muslims while almost completely ignoring its problems. It's one of my biggest criticisms of the Left today.

Liberals reading this: take note. If you're going to call out the homophobic, sexist views of white Christians in Alabama, you must also call out the homophobic, sexist views of brown-skinned Muslims, regardless of whether they're in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, or Brooklyn.

Be consistent. Not being consistent makes you look like hypocrites, and that makes the Left as a whole, and liberalism in general look bad.

So I'm not impressed by Josh's reasons for voting for Trump. He doesn't come off as someone particularly knowledgeable of politics, and he seems to think much of what Trump says just feels right to him. That's unfortunately how a lot of people decide their politics today. But where Josh is correct or half-correct, it needs to be acknowledged and liberals need to take note.

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