Sunday, January 1, 2017

How Would A Soul Interact With Regular Matter?

Given the argument from Core Theory that I just wrote, those who wish to deny its conclusion will have to consider answering the following questions that are honestly aimed at understanding how a world with souls makes sense with what we already know to be true.

  • There needs to be a way that "soul stuff" interacts with the fields of which we are made-with elections, or photons, or something. Do those interactions satisfy conservation of energy, momentum, and electric charge?
  • Does matter interact back on the soul, or is the principle of action and reaction violated?
  • Is there "virtual soul stuff" as well as "real soul stuff," and do quantum fluctuations of soul stuff affect the measurable properties of ordinary particles?
  • Or does the soul stuff not interact directly with particles, and merely affect the quantum probabilities associated with measurement outcomes?
  • Is the soul a kind of "hidden variable" playing an important role in quantum ontology?

This are all the questions asked by Sean Carroll in chapter 27 his book The Big Picture. This is in addition to my previous post If You Believe In A Soul That Gives You Free Will, I Have Some Questions For You.

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