Friday, February 5, 2016

I Took A Short (Unintended) Break From Blogging

I took a short break from blogging recently. This wasn't exactly a planned event. It kind of just happened. It's mainly due to two reasons. The most important one is that I've been immersed in debates on various different platforms. One of them is via email. I'm currently debating someone on theories of time and whether Special Relativity entails eternalism. It's a fascinating debate to have, especially if you're into the science and the philosophical implications of it. I'm an ardent eternalist. I want to spread the word on the truth of eternalism in much the same way many people want to spread the word on the truth that evolution is true, or that libertarian free will is false. And as such, I love defending it. The debate did produce some nice emails that I think I can reblog in the future. The other reason is that I've been hanging out a lot more and when I'm out I can't blog. It's that simple. And I've also been following the election very closely of late. I LOVE presidential politics and every election year is an exciting time for me because the issues are rigorously debated. Plus there's antics. I love antics.

So, I plan on blogging again. This time, about science and why it entails eternalism. I took a break from reading and reviewing Feser's book The Last Superstition. I got busy with lots of stuff and time hasn't been on my side. I always need more of it. Reading his book also gets so irritating. Feser's cocky prose on the "truth" of his version of theism via A-T metaphysics gets tiresome because he's so wrong on so much. But, I do enjoy reading his criticism of secularism and liberalism because it does make you reflect, even though much of it is such utter bullshit. We all must seek out the best criticism of our views in order to be well educated people. I'm told that his best argument is near the end, and that's his argument regarding the aboutness of conscious experience. So I will eventually continue.

For now I'm going to prepare some posts about eternalism, and maybe squeeze in some politics as well. Most will be short rants. Damn if only I didn't have a job or a social life, I'd have so much more time to blog about what I'm obsessed with.

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