Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What Would I Do With 100 Million Dollars?

This should be an interesting post.

My coworkers play the lottery and dream of being millionaires, as we all have. I too entertain that fantasy but I never play the lottery. I know the odds of winning are so low that it's not worth playing. But suppose I won 100 million dollars. What would I do with it?

Here's what I'd do.

First, I'd quite my job. I like my job. I like my coworkers. It pays decent and it's relatively low stress, but it's only something I do for the money. If I had 100 million dollars, I'd have no need for it.

Second, I'd give some money to my family. I don't know exactly how much I'd give to each family member, but they'd get enough money to live comfortably for a while. I don't know about distant relatives though. I have some relatives I only see every ten years or so and I'm not sure if I'd give them any money. This would be an open question.

Third, I'd get a really nice apartment in Manhattan. I'm not sure where I'd live. Midtown is nice and full of luxurious apartments, but downtown in Greenwich Village has some beautiful brownstones and is closer to the party scene and the cultural attractions. Either way, I'd have a nice spacious bachelor pad.

Forth, after I settled on a nice apartment, since money wouldn't be an issue, I'd pursue my dream of becoming a philosopher. I'd study all the things I find fascinating: metaphysics, ethics, the philosophy of mind and science, logic, political philosophy. I'd study history, sociology, religion, and politics. I'd take writing classes. I'd study science and various different humanities. I'd study secularism, which is now a thing. Once I got a degree, I'd go back and get more degrees, over and over again. I'd be a perpetual student. As new interests develop, I'd go study them. I'd eventually amass several PhDs. I'd probably go to universities here in New York, like NYU or Columbia, but I'd consider travelling. And I'd write. I'd write books. I'd use my knowledge to lecture and talk and devote myself to activism. Most of what I'd do would be to support the secular community and the progressive politics I hold. I'd become an expert in all the relevant fields. It would be fucking awesome!

Fifth, I'd make documentaries and finance them myself. I'd make awesome films about philosophy, atheism, and politics. I wouldn't care whether they made any money because making money wouldn't be the point.

Sixth, when I wasn't studying, writing, lecturing, or devoting myself to activism, I'd be travelling and partying. I wouldn't become a drug addicted degenerate because I'm just not like that. I'd go through phases of intense partying and then I'd cool off and devote my time to my studies. I'd also devote some of my free time to cultural events, art, music, and film.

Seventh, I wouldn't get married. If I were rich women would only like me for my money, and I know the chances of getting divorced for me is 100 percent, plus divorces are messy and costly. So marriage would be out of the question. I'd probably just date, probably very casually. The things I'm into - all these geeky intellectual things, women just aren't that into. Especially not attractive women. And so I probably would not have a long stable relationship. This is something I'm willing to consider even though I'm not rich and probably will never be. My long term love would be philosophy and the pursuit of knowledge (whatever that is.)

Lastly, I'd give to the poor and needy and I'd support righteous causes. I'd give one million dollars away every year to organizations I think promote the greater good. They'd all have to be secular and they'd have to be for justice, liberal-leaning or progressive politics, democracy, freedom of speech, protection of the environment, education, and global peace. Hording 100 million dollars and spending it all on my selfish desires is immoral.

So, that's why I'd do with 100 million dollars. What would you do?

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