Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ex-Muslim Secular Activist Kacem El Ghazzali

We in the West take it for granted that we can criticize religion how ever and when ever we pretty much want, but such is not the case for many of our fellow secularists/atheists living abroad. I recently came across this blog made by a Moroccan man named Kacem El Ghazzali who had to flee his country to Switzerland once he declared his atheism online and began receiving death threats. I can't imagine what that must be like living in a country where you don't even have the basic freedoms to express yourself honestly.

I'm almost tempted to say "Thank God for freedom" but I know who to thank: the men and women who've fought and laid down their lives so that you and me can live free and express ourselves as we like.

Check out Ghazzali's blog here: http://atheistica.com. His activity is pretty impressive; he's a secular activist and has spoken at the United Nations and other organizations about human rights and the persecution of religious minorities (atheists). It reminds me how much progress there is to be made before we can have a world free from all tyranny, especially the religious kind. And it reminds me how much of the world is opposed to freedom of speech, especially the anti-religious kind.

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