Saturday, May 18, 2013

Some Nice Debate Points By Bart Ehrman On Biblical Inerrancy

When it comes to arguments against biblical inerrancy and the reliability of the New Testament, there are many debates and many sources of information for the skeptic. Bart Ehrman is one of the most prominent American biblical historians. A self professed agnostic, he has lectured, debated and written many books on how the Bible is not a reliable historical document. He's had some beef with atheist Richard Carrier recently over some of his writings on the historicity of Jesus of Nazareth, but nevertheless, even if you're committed to the idea that Jesus never existed and was entirely myth, listening to Ehrman rail against historical authenticity of the New Testament is pleasing to the ear of any skeptic, and makes you think how absurd it is that millions of people base their entire worldview on a book that is so terribly consistent.

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