Wednesday, May 8, 2013

If A Good God Actually Existed...

If a good god actually existed, I think that there'd be a lot more evidence for his existence to the point where denying his existence would be untenable, and almost as absurd as denying that the sun exists. Going by the evidence for god that we have now, if god did exist, he's done an awfully good job making the world appear exactly as it would if atheism were true.

Some will naturally say that I have no justification for saying what evidence god should or should not have provided us for his existence. I've heard some of those arguments and think that they too cannot be fully justified and can conveniently double as an excuse for the lack of evidence for god's existence. All I have is my brain and its ability to reason and examine evidence, and I have concluded with it, that a truly good god, an omni-benevolent god, who has set up the world such that disbelief in his existence culminated in eternal doom, would have provided enough evidence to sway even the most pressing skeptic. Because if god knows all things, he knows that some of us are born such that we cannot believe such heavy claims on faith alone, we require evidence that is at least as substantial as the claim it purports to back up.

But then again, why must god be good and not just very powerful? There exists quite a burden on those willing to say god is all-good and all-wise and all-powerful. The god who willed this world into existence must have within him to properties of indifference, and malice. For why else could there exist so much needless suffering, and intentional cruelty befalling man and nature, and a keen lack of evidence backing up the scriptures? Someone who would intentionally put us all through this test, must truly lack compassion. That's why it is always more plausible for me to believe that god was made in man's image, and not the other way around.

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