Friday, May 31, 2013

God Thinks We're Super Special!

One argument theists often make that humans have intrinsic value fascinates me. We have intrinsic value, according to what many theists believe, because god says we do. He thinks we're super special! But imagine if god got angry with mankind and said that we weren't special anymore. Would all of our value suddenly evaporate? Would we all then walk around with our heads down in despair, depressed that god doesn't think we're special anymore? Would we think that we're all no better than monkeys and other apes?

When thinking about this belief that many theists have, the question I wonder, is why should we think our value depends on what god says we have?

It seems to me rather odd that we should feel the need to justify our worth and value by what anyone else says. It reminds me of insecure teenagers trying desperately to seek the approval of their peers in order to think that they have value. I think it's rather silly and immature to depend so deeply on what others think about you in order to feel any sense of value or worth.

This confirms what I've always felt about most religions like Christianity: they really serve best as emotional crutches that make people feel better.


  1. The claim that humans have intrinsic value because God values us is nonsensical.
    For something to have intrinsic value means that it has value in and of itself, regardless of anything else.
    To say that we have value because God thinks we're special is to say we have extrinsic value.



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