Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is Islamophobia Justified?

The recent debate between Lawrence Krauss and Hamza Tzortzis in London a month ago highlights the suspicions and fears that many people have who are weary of the growing presence of politicized Islam in the West. Some Muslims today are trying to play the "Islamophobia" card to accuse anyone who criticizes Islam or Muslims of being bigots. But what they're really just trying to do is suppress warranted criticism of their faith.

According to the reports, when Dr. Krauss agreed to the debate he was told that the audience would not be segregated on gender, but when he arrived he had discovered that all of the women in the audience were forced to sit in the back. There apparently was also a "couples" section too. Mind you, this debate was organized by the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) but took place at the University College London and was open to the public.

After noticing the "sexual apartheid", Dr. Krauss stormed out in protest but was eventually convinced to return when organizers desegregated the audience. It is amazing that in a modern 21st century country like England, in a cosmopolitan city like London, we are having to deal with Muslims trying to enforce gender segregation on our free lands. The iERA has been accused other times of forced gender segregation and following the incident at London they are now banned from further organizing events there. 

Muslim apologists like Hamza want to tear down secularism. That is part of their agenda, and it justifies our fears and concerns about Muslims in the West. I know the usual PC response is to say that these people don't represent all Muslims. I totally concur, but Islamist Muslims like Hamza are not a tiny fringe minority, they represent a very large percentage of the Islamic world, and reports show that support for Sharia law in many Muslim majority countries is very high.

So heavy criticism of Islam and its modern followers and interpreters is massively justified and no one should ever fear being labeled an Islamophobe just because they cast due criticism. Stand up for free speech against those who would like to see it taken away.

....and see the debate for yourself to see Hamza admit that he'd make criticism of Islam illegal if he had his way:


  1. That's awesome that Krauss wouldn't continue until they desegregated. The more I hear about that guy the more I love him.

  2. Yeah there's a video of that on YouTube. They lied to him and segregated anyway and now they're banned from hosting at that college. Serves them right.



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