Friday, January 25, 2013

"A Case for Secular Morality" Still In Progress

I am still in the process of writing my paper called A Case for Secular Morality, or at least that is its current working title. In it I am planning to coalesce all of the points on morality that I have written about and developed over the years on this blog and put them into one simple relatively short paper. I want it to read out like a college paper and be highly organized. Since it's been a while that I wrote a college term paper, my organization skills are a little rough. I want it not only to be organized, but be very concise and free of unnecessary rhetoric. I want it to get straight to the point and be an easy read for those who are only lightly knowledgeable about ethics and philosophy. The main point I will argue is that there does exist an objective standard for morality. It is a kind of build off of Sam Harris' Moral Landscape, but corrected for the flaws he had. I don't expect my case for secular morality to be bullet proof, but I think I have a pretty solid case for objective morality free of god.

Making the paper concise and organized is a little harder than I thought it would be and I've had to revise it over and over again. It's still a work in progress but I think I've hammered out the major points. It might take another few weeks at least before it's ready. I don't want to post it too prematurely and then have to revise it again. I want it to be ready for prime time and it goes public. I will have two versions of it, a version in either Word, Adobe or both, and another that I will post it here on my blog.

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