Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Blog Name

I just changed the name of my blog to "Atheism and the City." It just popped into my head while writing my last blog entry. I often find it difficult to find an appropriate title for my blogs and sometimes choose to write the blog first, and then find a title based on the blog's contents. So I Googled "Atheism and the City" and what a surprise, it's not on the internet anywhere, amazingly. Usually almost every creative idea I thought that I had thought of when Googled turned out that someone else thought of it first. I was a lovely delight to see no one has used this before.

My old blog name was my silly attempt to make it seem like I didn't even want to write this blog and was forced to do it. Well in actuality I was: this blog was created as part of a school assignment last summer. Now I guess because of that I can use it to grow my ideas, and my writing for the benefactor of creating and sustaining like-minded individuals, so that we can together create and sustain the secular society. Which in the end, will benefit all of us.

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