Saturday, May 15, 2010

We Need More Atheist Debaters

From watching dozens or maybe hundreds of debates about religion and evolution I've come to the conclusion that we need better Atheist debaters. Many of the religious debaters are ministers or bishops, or pastors who speak in public to large audiences for a living and in effect, they are very good communicators. They know how to make jokes and use examples to get their point across. The Atheist debaters on the other hand, with the exception of a handful, are mostly scientists or biologists who are not professional public speakers. They might be professors and lecture their students but it's not in a debate form. They are often timid, and don't show personality in their presentations when compared with the Theist debaters they go up against.

The problem with Christopher Hitchens is that he is not a scientist or a biologist and therefore cannot go into the detail that is needed when making an argument for the cosmological origins of our universe, life and evolution. Many scientists who can don't have the wit and way with words that Hitchens has. This has been a problem. There needs to an Atheist debater who is a wordsmith like Hitchens and possesses the scientific knowledge that Dawkins and many other experts in that area have.

I was thinking maybe I could step into the ring, and become an Atheist debater. I can give one heck of a power point presentation. I'd like to consider this as a possibility. Point being made, we need better and more good quality Atheist debaters.

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