Thursday, March 4, 2010

But what if there is a God....?

I will begin a series on the idea of God existing and what that would mean. All the different kinds of Gods, the traditional God of the monotheistic faiths, deist versions of God, and the new age "God" that can be anything.

This is an important topic. Today in parts of the world millions of people still live under theocracies were if they practice another religion or no religion, they can be persecuted. Today we still have people being executed for offenses to God.

In the U.S. millions of people go about their day, with out every thinking about God or religion. That's a great thing. But religious people will always try to convert others and fight for power to have their way in government and there needs to be a voice of rationality to keep that at bay.

But what if there is a God...? is about what you'd have to believe if there was indeed a God.

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