Monday, February 22, 2010

What evolution doesn't explain...

It doesn't explain the very first life form's formation. It has been something I've been thinking of recently. There are numerous videos online and information about it. Science has a pretty strong argument about it it's called abiogenesis. The scientific explanation of the origin of life. Details aside for now, I wonder did it happen only once, for the very first life form? Or did it happen many times, millions, billions? Does it still happen today, or are the conditions for early life formation not existent today? If that's so, if all life were wiped out tomorrow, it wouldn't form again unless the conditions of the early Earth came back. These are tough questions that we all ought to ask. I will learn more about the origins of life in the primordial soup of our early Earth. If one day scientists can recreate the formation of organic matter into life in an experiment, I think we will be able to say for sure that life originated on its own.

Here are some videos that give insight into abiogenisis:


  1. The Thinker...Let's review my comments in one word: Scientology. Now, goodness this took a lot...You thought I was stupid because I brought up mermaids. But think of babies and how fragile they are. Water is the barrier that protects fragile masses. What came first the egg or the chicken did you not as me this?...

    And there were three that came first O,C,H, which sprung N...

    The CO2 that sprouts from the ocean bed due to the lava which flows deep and hot. The carbon which is released from the sun a result of friction between the He and H ions. You should check out the orbital table.

  2. Yes, all life on Earth arose from the sea. The plankton release oxygen as a byproduct and allowed life on land to exist. Hence the humans dominate the Earth. The Thinker knows this, and his carbon origin that formed from the space dust of our early sun. I'm still figuring out where mermaids fit in.

    P.S. I don't think you're stupid anymore.

  3. LoL...You either with it or you not lay off the mermaids...As alligators once solely inhabited the see...Maybe humans where merman', whales and dolphins are mammals and the live in the water..."Stupid is what, stupid does"...

  4. I think I was a merman in a past life.



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