Monday, February 22, 2010

The fine tuning argument from creationists..destoyed

Creationists have the fine tuning argument that states that the fine tuning of the universe, the creation of the elements and compounds such as hydrogen and helium into the heavier elements and the distance of our Earth from the Sun all happened just the right way, so there must be a God who fine tuned it that way.

Now I say to that, first of all of coarse it's all just right or else we wouldn't be here to notice it. Second, why would an all-powerful God need to fine tune a universe anyway? Is God bound by the laws of physics? God can create complex intelligent life on the Sun if he wanted to, right? He is all powerful.

If the universe wasn't fine tuned for life and yet still produced it then I would say creationists would have a much stronger argument for there being a supernatural God with powers beyond any mortal belief who uses his powers to create and sustain that life in spite of there not existing the right conditions for it.

This is why I think that the fine tuning argument falls apart. Of course it alone doesn't disprove the existence of God, but it cuts a hole in the creationist's position on the order that which our universe appears to have. Take away one element from the early universe, or change the expansion of the universe by a minute fraction and it would not have produced the universe we know with stars and planets and of I can't believe a God would have to expand the universe at a precise rate, couldn't he just do whatever he wanted?

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