Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I've never had a relationship in this age of Facebook. It's been a while since I had a serious relationship anyway. I hate the idea of dating in the Facebook era because I might know too much about the person I'm dating too soon. Let's say I meet a girl and we have mutual initial attraction. I think she's interesting, I want to get to know her. We become Facebook friends and then I find out a bunch of things I don't like about her. Now I'm starting to become less attracted to her. Eventually it wanes to the point of being gone.

This is a possible scenario. I could after Facebook, become more attracted to her. I might find her intriguing. She might reveal just enough information about herself, but not too much and get me interested.

I keep my privacy settings on Facebook pretty high. Some people let anyone see their wall and information. Some people treat it like twitter or their online blog and pour out their deepest emotions. I prefer to use it to keep in touch with friends. I'm highly opinionated but I'm afraid letting out my opinions on Facebook might hurt my future job hunting prospects if a potential employer were to find it out and dissuade them from hiring me. This really scares me. I don't want to lose a job over an angry thought I had on my mind at one particular moment.

I have become kind of obsessed with Facebook recently. I can see why so many millions of young people are addicted to it. It's the number 2 site on the internet now. Wow. It beat yahoo and msn. It's popularity is incredible, I mean everyone uses Facebook. Will it be a fad like Myspace was? I don't know, I think Facebook is hear to stay at least for a while. But who knows, the web is very fickle.

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