Monday, August 24, 2009

My summer so far

So far it's been an OK summer. I didn't have anything bad happen to me, no major incidents. I've gone out drinking just about every night of the summer so far. I've been smoking a lot when I go out drinking. I smoked almost an entire pack last night, which is rare for me since I usually don't smoke more than half a pack. I can't help it sometimes when I get drunk and I'm around party people I want to smoke one after the other. I will quite again one day, just like I did for 2 years.

I haven't been keeping up to date on a lot of IT shit. I really should because in this industry you can never fall off the bandwagon. Summer ain't over yet, there is still actually another month of it. I'm always in school no matter what so its not like I have a vacation.

I haven't been working out a lot either. I mean I look good. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I think "damn." My chest looks nice, even though I'm skinny I'm happy that I don't have a flat bird chest. I got muscle tits. All I wish for is about another 15 pounds of muscle, that's it, and I'll be fine. I have a very fast metabolism which makes it very hard for me to gain weight. I don't have a really big appetite either. I've been basically 160-165 pounds since I graduated high school. Although my weight has dipped to 150 at times. It's funny because I want to gain weight unlike everyone else in America who wants to lose weight. I can lose a pound a day if I really want to. It's not a problem.

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