Friday, July 31, 2009

10 things I hate about women

10 things I hate about women

1. I hate how women think it's perfectly OK to gain lot's of weight when you settle down with them.
2. I hate how women are pre-programmed to just want to settle down and have kids.
3. I hate it how women judge a man by what he has rather than who he is on the inside.
4. I hate how women aren't dirty perverts like how us men are.
5. I hate how women can go long periods of time with out sex and be totally fine with it.
6. I hate how women are totally obsessed with how sexy they are, and then they don't want to be looked at as sex objects.
7. I hate how women go out at night dressed all sexy and then say they aren't looking for someone to have sex with.
8. I hate how women use sex to get what they want out of men.
9. I hate it when women make a big ass deal when you try to talk to them, like you just violated their personal space or something and broke down there defensive barrier they use to protect themselves with.
10. I hate it when women expect you to pay for shit and then they consider themselves feminists who think men and women should be equal, you should be paying for your own damn shit then.

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